Coating is a dried powdered product. It is a mixture of flours and spices, which gives fired meat its perfectly uneven and crunchy structure. Moreover, the coating we offer is based on a unique recipe, allowing you to add new, unusual items to your menu, as well as attract more customers looking for original flavours. Available in 5 kg packaging.


Hot marinade  występuje w postaci suchego produktu w proszku. Po rozpuszczeniu jej w wodzie doskonale wnika w głąb mięsa nadając mu tym samym bardziej wyrazisty smak oraz soczystość. Sugerowana do skrzydełek przez wzgląd na wysoką pikantność. Występuje w opakowaniach 100g przeznaczonych na marynowanie 5kg mięsa.

Mild marinade available as a dried powder. When dissolved in water, it penetrates deep into the meat, adding a more distinct flavour and juiciness. Recommended for fillets. It is available in 90 g packaging used to marinate 5 kg of meat.

Coating basket

is an important part of the coating process. It helps you increase the efficiency of coating and achieve a rough structure on the meat.

The basket is made of 100% stainless steel.