BARTSCHER “Deli I” Warming Showcase

“Deli I” Warming Showcase Showcase with 3 shelves, a light, thermostatic control and a water humidifier. 
– Finish: chrome on the inside, varnish on the outside. 
– Temperature control: 30°C to 90°C. 
– 2 double sliding doors, in the front and at the back, operated from both sides. 
– Volume: 110 litres. 
– 3 shelves with adjusted height: 
Dimensions: W 580 x D 275 mm; W 580 x D 298 mm; W 580 x D 318 mm

Hendi 2x8 litre No-Tap Deep Fryer

– Made of stainless steel; heating elements made of hardened steel.
– Continuously variable temperature regulation up to 195°C. 
– “Cold zone” system – separates the leavings from frying below the heater level to improve oil efficiency.
– Dismountable control element with additional protection that stops the deep fryer when removed. 
– Thermostat with a control light protects the deep fryer from overheating.
– Modular design makes cleaning easier.
– The deep fryer includes a special handle to hang the basket once removed from the machine to drain the remaining oil. 
– Includes a frying basket and a cover.

Salamander Hendi Oven

– Made of 18/10 stainless steel. 
– Continuously variable temperature regulation from 50°C to 250°C.
– Perfect for grilling, toasting and reheating.  
– Top heater.
– Control light, thermostat, 15 minute timer. 
– 4 adjustable grate heights.
– Includes a grate with handles and a baking tin.
– Dimensions: 440 x 280 x 150 h